(upper left) Sizzle Reel for the 2019 Women Texas Film Festival. Prod/Cam/Editor.

(lower right) Lifetime Achievement Award Tribute for Oscar-winning actor Martin Landau, produced for the 2016 Fort Lauderdale Film Festival.  Over 6000 views since the actor's death on 7/15/17.  CBS This Morning and Australia's Studio 10  borrowed it for their broadcast obituary pieces on Landau, and it was shown at his memorial service in Los Angeles on 10/01/17.  Prod/Editor.

Featured Work: WTxFF Sizzle Reel, Martin Landau Tribute



(upper right)  Jan Karl in a clip from The Entertainment Tonight Blockbuster Network, which I scripted.

(middle right) "Intimate Portrait: Carol Burnett", episode from Lifetime Channel series. Researcher and contributed to script.

(lower right) 2017 Lifetime Achievement Award Video for actor Burt Reynolds. Producer/Editor.

(lower left) Episode from the 2005 AMC interview series "Movies 101", with Daniel Day-Lewis. Researcher and contributed to the scripting of this series.

OFFICIAL CENTENNIAL VIDEO for National Council of Jewish Women, Dallas Chapter, 2013.

Narration by Gloria Campos. Writer/Director/Editor.


(right top) Rapper Lil 'E on his song "No Sleep Til Blackberry 10".  Producer/Director/Offline Editor.

(right center) Book Trailer for "DICKFISH".  

Writer/Producer/Editor.  Narration by Mark Fickert.

(right bottom) Trailer for cable movie FREE OF EDEN. Writer.

(below top)  Tribute reel for Oscar-winning Director William Friedkin, for the 2013 Dallas International Film Festival. Producer/Editor.

(below bottom) Promo for PawTree Pet Supplies. Writer.  Directed by Christopher Bigbie.

(below left) First in a series of educational videos for Texas Virtual School Network, informing parents and students on remote learning. Writer/Director.

(below right) Instructional on choosing a fireplace glass door.  Writer.









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